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Flickering. MAKE IT STOP...

After the Warm White LED conversion on my NBA Fastbreak, the insert LEDS and GI were flickering to the point of distraction. I am sensitive to LED flashes and flickers. Maybe it's not as large an issue for you, but LED flicker drives me crazy.

So, there are a few ways to deal with this. First, just put the incandescent lights back in the machine and keep it original. But, I like the brightens and longevity of modern LEDs. So, I opted for the over-engineered solution of adding boards to clean up the signals to the lamp matrix. The LEDOCD and GIOCD products do a great job at making this problem go away.

I've installed LED OCD and GI OCD boards from LEDOCD in the past. But, I haven't bought both at the same time before. I also hate drilling holes in machines, so I always buy the brackets. I have done this on No Fear, Johnny Mnemonic and Apollo 13. Since I was going to install both, and this was a NBA Fastbreak machine, I wrote Harold from LEDOCD an email asking if he would make me orange brackets. Since he's cool, and making these on demand, he said, "yes, if you cover he cost of the spool of filament."

Now, you can get any color you want. In fact, he made a custom product on the website. Just specify the color and follow his guidelines and you can color match your LEDOCD or GIOCD mounting brackets to your machine.

This still needs some software tweaks, but I'll save that for another post. The main logo has some ghosting and also some of the arrows. It's not enough to be too distracting, but this NBA Fastbreak machine is looking great with the LED conversion, ColorDMD and Britebuttons. I just have to find a right side ramp, because I already have the left ramp and center ramp in my parts hoard.

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