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Sword of Rage Playfield Protector

Before moving the machine to ORD Pinball, the Elk grove Village, Illinois Pinball Social Club, I wanted to protect the machine in anticipation of a lot of plays. I installed a Playfield Protector on the Black Knight pinball I got for my father, and I thought it would be great for Black Knight Sword of Rage as well.

Playfield Protector on machine

I bought the machine from Great American Pinball in June 2019. Since shipping is expensive ($40US) from Germany, I purchased two of them, as Space Odyssey has some cupping that needs to be smoothed over.

The short version is I made a video.

But, let's take a look at some photos.

First, you have to lay the Playfield Protector on the glass to carefully study what needs to come off in order to install the protector. Since this is a Steve Ritchie game, there are some loops. At least there is no upper playfield on the Pro version, which makes it easier. There is a loop at the back of the machine, which requires the removal of the ramp. The ramp requires the removal of the turnaround behind the back panel, which requires the rails to be removed.

The Playfield Protector is flexible enough to not require the removal of anything near the lock area, that can slide in and band around. The plastics have to come off. And the locking gates at the back have to come off as well.

Obviously, you have to take the flippers off. You don't absolutely need to take off the kicker plastics, but removing them and the rings make sense. But, make sure to take photos before you take the flippers off to get those holes lined up like they were!

after photos

And when you are done, you have this to throw away.

My kids will sometimes watch ASMR videos, and I realized that one of my clips was ASMR friendly, so I posted it. It's the plastic protector protective layer being peeled up. It's a pretty cool shot.

I highly recommend Playfield Protectors from the installation and first impression. This will get a few thousand plays, so we'll track it's progress. It's shiny as heck now.

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