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Appetite for Mirrored Backglass

Santa hasn't put me on the nice list for years, so I waited patiently until Black Friday to buy the Guns N' Roses Mirrored Backglass from Classic Playfield Reproductions.

Classic Playfield Reproductions (CPR) had a 20% off special on Black Friday, which was a pretty good special. I have not yet replaced a backglass or translite. I was apprehensive about shipping. Let's see the original translite that we are replacing.

There is a yellow stroke outline on the GUNS N' ROSES and a blue stroke outline on the guns. That's the first place to look on the original translite.

The packaging was great. It arrived wrapped in black poster board, taped to cardboard, spaced with cardboard spacers to let the glass float in the package.It arrived on a cold day (here in Illinois) and I was worried about flaking and paint damage.

This was great packaging to minimize the scratches and breaks that are probably common. As I unwrapped it, I was relieved to find that the paint in perfect shape. So, I popped on the trim pieces I ordered from Pinball Life and went to get some comparison photos.

So, here they are side by side. The translite is on the left, evidenced by the yellow outline on GUNS N' ROSES and the blue outline on the guns. The left is a translite. The right is a mirrored backglass, with mirror process and then ink printed in reverse on the glass. They are expensive to produce, which is why the machine had a printed translite plastic affixed to glass like this one for $165 on eBay.

Translite on left. Backglass on right.

On the right, you can see that it's visibly darker, and you can see the reflection on the outline of GUNS N' ROSES at the top. Below, the slideshow alters between the two.

But, let's see what it looks like installed. It doesn't let as much light through, but I happen to have some bright flashers in there, so it's very cool. The quality is the same level as the mirrored backglass on my Avengers LE (blue) machine and the Wizard of Oz (which is totally unnecessary due to the small size of the backglass art.)

Mirrored Backglass on GNR pinball

And the full effect playing it in a dark room.

in a dark room

So, it looks like I'll put replacement backglass for my Space Odyssey and my father's Black Knight next Black Friday. For a nice condition pre-production Guns N Roses machine, is this necessary? No. Does it look cool? Yes. It looks cooler with the machine turned off, which is common in this environment, so I am glad that I purchased it. I feel that this might not be around forever, so this was a good investment. It may be unobtanium someday.

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