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Houston, we have a problem...

There isn't enough space in the collection, so I have to make a painful and deep cut. The Apollo 13 is searching for it's next home. It's had a lot of changes since I brought it home two years back. It's been cleaned, LEDed (with some tasteful holdbacks,) LED OCDed, custom powder coated and color DMDed before it got a custom lighting effect on a NOS topper (which was a huge pain to track down.)

Let's take a look at the exterior. It has a color DMD for starters. The rails, hinges, legs and lockdown bar have been custom powder coated black with silver and blue sparkles. Not too much sparkle. Enough to look like space and make the other blue and white art elements pop. It has Brite buttons installed.

But, most people are interested in the gameplay and play field. For this, I have to jump into a short rant about LEDs. I love LEDs for technical reasons. But, they ghost and sometimes betray the original look of the machine that I enjoy. So, my approach to LEDs is warm, and every non warm white LED has to argue for its place. I left incandescent bulbs where highly visible. You'll find them in the kickers and the flashers in the star inserts at the back right of the play field. You'll see some in the back box. I feel that this optimizes the mix between natural and original, frosted and clear to match the space helmet from the Tom Hanks who didn't want to license his likeness for the pinball machine, because he was the big star of "Mazes and Monsters."

Let's take a look and see. You'll see that there are some cool LEDS still here. Well, if it was under a spaceship, it stayed cool. If it was under anything else, it was warm white. You will see this on the DOCK letters (which are warm white) and the rocket stages which are cool. Kickers and main

Some of you pinball people are also super picky. And this is a machine from 1995, so it has had some touchups. A lot of us who were around in 1995 aren't exactly in original shape, but there are enough photos for you to get an accurate assessment. The cabinet was Sega's famous particle board, which isn't awesome stuff. It has some touch ups done to the cabinet. Overall, this is in great shape for the era. Let's check out some of the other interesting items.

LED OCD board stops ghosting

Some of you people are into the BOM (Bill of Materials) because it helps you be a better member of the Price Police force. I will badge check Price Police force members.

Start with a nice Apollo 13, not a beater. These generally go start at about $3,700. You can find a machine for less if you are willing to take converted launch handle, disabled moon and flakey 8 ball reserve trough. This machine has a working moon, a very clean playfield, a working ball stop, rocket that stands up like it just took some Viagra, a working 8 ball reserve trough, and the original functioning launch handle. Then you can add in these items.

  • Color DMD

  • LED OCD board (tuned for the specific machine)

  • LEDs

  • Custom Powder coating (9 pieces)

  • Topper NBOS (none available for sale at the moment) with custom lighting

  • Bright Buttons

  • Manual

If you are interested, catch me at Make me an offer.

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