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Chicago Pinball Random Gallery

At a pinball expo/festival/zoo whatever, you have to have a method to your madness. At Texas Pinball Festival, I followed the career of George Gomez. At the 2019 Chicago Pinball Expo, I just took a lot of photos of a lot of things.


This Gottlieb Circus was pretty amazing. It is large, and there is a lot of art going on. There are playing cards, points points, spelling things. It's all there.

On these machines, you can tell we were waiting for som sort of innovations. They just kept cramming more and more of what we know. This had rollovers, a lot of flippers, a wheel with card targets, drop targets, three distinct playfield areas and saucers. The engineers were waiting for some more complicated CPU to process game rules and sounds, but we didn't know at the time what they were waiting for. But, this game is a blast.

Fast Draw.

The backglass certainly had some art that doesn't stand the test of time, but not the worst in the show by a wide margin.

The playfield was in great shape on this specimen. The playfield art is a great example of prime time TV cowboys shooting first. Who cares, draw fast, and hope the guy in the white hat wins. Maybe this one attracted me because I recently watched "Once upon a Time in Hollywood."

In no order and with no theme, here are some of the cooler images I snapped.