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Pistol Poker getting ready for Pinball Expo

As Dave was getting his Pistol Poker ready for the freeplay hall at Chicago Pinball Expo (unless it sells first) I was able to take a look at the machine. It is an excellent shooting game, with an interesting scoop in the middle of an upper playfield, a fun sweeping ramp with a slow roll exit onto the upper playfield, and great art all over. It even has great art on the back.

Generally, I strongly dislike pinball machines themed on games that people could more readily play than pinball. So, I almost always hate games about cards, pool, bowling, golf, dominos, and even Monopoly. But this game is a true exception. It's a fun shooter.

The art package is very 1993. Probably some Brooks and Dunn on in the background in the factory while they were making this, and going bankrupt. There's fewer than 200 of these machines out in the wild.

It is probably some sort of grime to not have a busty cowgirl on the kickers, so there she is.

And she needs a gritty tough cowboy on the other kicker.

It has this amazing golden-toothed jackass for the Joker.

And this Ace with the crossed Pistols.

Rumor has it that the players are modeled after the workers at the short-lived Alvin G & Co.

And, they have some fancy art in their poker hall. Oh! La! La!

The "Black Jack Ramp" loops all the way around the upper playfield and is a fun shot off of the left flipper.

The upper playfield has an interesting loop shot, a scoop. It can be accessed by a VUK and a notch in the Black Jack Ramp.

Fire! Aim! Ready!