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Picture, if you will.. a pinball machine...

This pinball machine started out life exactly like 15,235 others, but ended up being one of a kind. It's got flippers, bells and lights. But that's where the similarities end. The twist at the end of this Twilight Zone is that it has lost its color. It's the only one in black and white in the world.

Mike from Great American Pinball started this special re-theme of Pat Lawlor's follow up to his top selling Addams Family. The idea was to make a black and white version of the machine, fitting in better with the black and white look of the television show.

This premise sounds a lot easier than it is to actually execute. Calling this a retheme or restoration really undersells the level of detail that went into this machine. At the end of the project, there were no corners cut.

It's all black and white. All of the playfield art, inserts and sculptures had to be redone in black and white. Everything had to be scanned. The inserts in the playfield had to be replaced.

As you can see, the playfield, lights, ramps, caps and targets are all done in black and white. As you look around, you can see the amazing detail, highlighted from the glow of the warm white bulbs.

At the high level, all of the pieces look great. But this machine has amazing mods and details that are not on every Twilight Zone machine. Let's take a look at some of the amazing details.

Color version.

Another cruel twist is that it's not for sale...

To compare, here is a sample of the original full color version. There is a ton of color in this things, as you can see. In black and white, this is an amazing achievement in the craft of pinball retheming and restoration.

This project was done by Great American Pinball. But you can see, and play this in their showroom in West Chicago, Illinois.

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