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Arrrghh. There be mods all over this Pirates machine

Alas, ye land lubbers, this fine Jersey Jack Pirates of the Caribbean be loaded with mods of all sorts. This machine made its debut at the 2017 Chicago Pinball Expo, and had issues that slowed early manufacturing. As a result, the line didn't run long and this excellent game is a rare machine indeed. Here's a link to order one. There are none to be had. You have to plunder one from the used market.

Marc's machine has more mods than the Black Pearl has barnacles. It's got a Kraken, molded bumper caps, a gallows, dog with a key, textured powder coated armor, a special limited edition badge, and other items that I've probably forgotten to report. Let's take a tour of these mods.

These are installed on a Standard Edition machines from a long-standing pinball distributor, Great American Pinball, who recently started to carry the Jersey Jack line in his showroom in West Chicago, Illinois.

The machine is an amazing shooter, with deep rules, and fun options like plundering points, gold and balls from your opponents. It's a beautiful game without the mods. Let's look at the game as a whole.

As you can see. It's packed. Every inch of this playfield is populated. There is no wasted space. It's an amazing shooting game. Congratulations to Eric Munier, and we expect more great things to come from him.

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