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Finally getting around to some projects

I was on a long string of trips for work, and my pinball projects have been piling up. A few weeks back, I noticed that it was well beyond time to change out some of the last rubber rings on the Wizard of Oz Ruby Red machine.

I replaced a lot when I first acquired the machine, but they were mostly for aesthetic purposes. But, it's been a while, and the rubber rings were getting a little dry and less responsive. As you can see below, the black rubber ring is a bit dry. The orange rubber ring is also dry.

old rings pulled from Wizard of Oz pinball machine. One black. One orange. One green.

The green 2 1/2" ring is still in good shape, but I am changing sling rings out for the 2 1/4" size after seeing great results in most of my machines. The color on the Titan Pinball silicon rings are great for Wizard of Oz. The yellow is perfect. The same yellow does not work well on Johnny Mnemonic, but I haven't gotten around to writing about that just yet.

Ultimately, the yellow is probably a mistake here. The orange is great. The purple is stunning. The green is perfect. If you want to buy the simple flipper kit, it's available from Titan Pinball here.

Here's a video of the whole process...