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Not too big... Not too small... Just right...

When you switch a pinball machine over to silicon rings from rubber rings, they feel a little bit different. The flippers bounce just tad differently. But the most difference was in the slings or kickers, whichever you prefer to call them. I notice this a lot, because I am not a great player, and I get a lot of east-west movement.

Metallica Sling 2.25: silicon ring

But, In my opinion, I find the 2" rings are a little too tight and the 2 1/2" rings a bit too loose. Since I had to choose, I went with the 2 1/2" rings. But, that all changed. Titan Pinball introduced a new size in their Competition Silicon Ring lineup. They launched a 2 1/4" ring.

So, let's test them out.

Ultimately, I liked the 2 1/4" rings. I put them on the Metallica machine from the video, and also on the No Fear machine. I bought them for the other machines I have, but I have not installed them yet.

I updated my ring kits on Titan Pinball's site to reflect my new appreciation for the 2 1/4" ring. As a disclaimer, any time someone buys one of these kits Titan's loyalty program kicks me some store credit. You can make your own kits as well, so it's not because I am special. But, if you need a ring kit, I was a bit OCD about these. These are the kits I have made.

Avengers LE kit (with a lot of clear rings)

Metallica BLACK kit with all black silicon rings.

Guns N' Roses (1994) with almost all white

Apollo 13 Black Ring kit.

Apollo 13 mostly white kit (which I have on my machine)

Space Mission color matched (I miss that machine!)

No Fear Dangerous Sports with several sling color options


Johnny Mnemonic (color matched and fun)

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