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Johnny Mnemonic highlights early elements of George Gomez' design language.

I saw this movie's original release at a drive in in Aurora, Illinois. I went because both Ice-T and Henry Rollins had parts, it was summer 1995, drive-ins are cheap, and my friend had a cool Barracuda.

According to Pinside, this is George Gomez' second game and this sows the formation of several of his signatures. Instantly, I see the ramp angles looking like Batman The Dark Knight and Batman '66. The top of the ramps has about a 160 degree tight bend and feeds back to the inlane down a long clear plastic ramp.

This isn't too different from the shape of two Catwoman ramps on Batman '66. The placement is different, but it has some Gomez tight bend at the top vibe forming. Also, you can see some of George Gomez' multi-level complex clear plastic ramp design language forming here.

Let's look at the above Yakuza ramps and the bridge. In Johnny Mnemonic, the ramps and bridge are a nice multi-level plastic ramp combination. Loading three balls in the matrix will cause the matrix to rise and the balls roll into the complex multi-level plastic ramp. It's very cool.

Let's compare the Johnny Mnemonic work to Deadpool (2018) and Avengers LE (2012) to notice some of George Gomez' signature elements later in his career. The ramps stay roughly the same shape, but turned to metal in Batman '66 and Deadpool. You can see some complex multi-level ramps in Avengers as well. Below, you can see how the bridge from Johnny Mnemonic turned to metal and became the arrow and katana in Avengers and Deadpool respectively.

The Bridge is clear plastic in Johnny Mnemonic, but this is very similar to the Hawkeye arrow on the Avengers LE machine. In fact, this arrow shot, combined with the multi-level clear plastic ramps on Avengers is what made me pick up the LE version of Avengers.

If you know anything about the Johnny Mnemonic pinball machine, you will have noticed that we're near the end of the post and I didn't get into the moving hand. Well, I almost finished the LED conversion, cleaned it up pretty well, and changed the display from orange (original) to red (donated by Avengers LE.) I will cover that someday, once I get enough time to make a video.

So, we'll end this post with some cleaning photos. Over 125 new LEDs from Titan Pinball. Most of the rings are done. If you want to buy a kit, check it out. Most kits are missing one of the 2 1/2 inch rings (there are five on here, and most forget the one by the pops.

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