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PinSound in Guns N' Roses

This early production Guns N' Roses has been mostly left alone since 1998, but it just got a rockin' upgrade. Some friends have been adding PinSound boards to their Data East machines. I always liked the Guns N' Roses close to its original state, but I wanted to do a speaker upgrade. Pretty soon, I had new speakers, a power booster, and a PinSound Plus board in my shopping cart. Then, it was on its way to me from France, but it arrived quickly.

A PinSound replaces this original sound board.

It comes in a nice box, packed very well!

Data East machines need to tap power from the main board, because this board uses more power than the original sound board with the extra USB sockets, lighes, RCA outputs and other fanciness. Without this power tap, the sound will randomly cut out.

Everything from PinSound comes with clear, and well designed instructions.

So, I installed the new speakers in the backbox. I installed the new subwoofer. Then the PinSound board went in. Here's a video of the install with some before and after.

There are four popular downloads for the Guns N' Roses Pinball from the PinSound community. I like the original game a lot, so I kept one that was like the original with more songs and better sound quality. The original game was from 1994, and all of the sounds are highly compressed to get that amount of audio in the machine. PinSound doesn't have that limit, using 8GB USB Flash drives, there is no real limit to the sounds.

I had to edit some settings, which was easy (on a borrowed PC, because I am a Mac User and there is no PinSound UI for the Mac yet. Technically, you don't need one, but my manual edits did not work on the PinSound board. The board just didn't recognize the sounds.

The original mix had the music way too loud in relation to the callouts and sound effects. I read the forum a bit, and some pinside threads on the topic and learned I could change the gain by sound type. So, I upped the gain setting callouts and sound effects. Then, it was much better for me.

I recommend PinSound, even though it is expensive. It is a top three mod, alongside LED OCD and Color DMD. I probably didn't need the speakers, but they do sound great.

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