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Pin Monk's FUEL Gauge Mod

Marc gave me a cool mod for the Metallica Premium Pinball machine for Christmas, so I installed it. Normally, the LEDs under the fuel gauge are plain white, which is OK, until there is an alternative. Now there is, and modders gonna mod. The Metallica FUEL Gauge Color Mod looks like this...

It's a 3D printed structure that holds colored gel inserts to go over the factory white LEDs. This is easier than the soldering method, because this is cheaper and doesn't require desoldering and resoldering 10 connections. This took about 15 minutes to install from unpacking to game play. You only need a 1/4" nut driver, maybe a screwdriver, or a fancy flex head extendable ratchet if you like. You definitely need a magnet tray, or you'll drop a screw or two.

It's a great mod with a good impact for a quick installation. Here's a movie of the installation at 20X the speed.

This is the first post using my new lens, the Canon EFS 35MM f/2.8 Macro IS STM. I am still learning the lens. If you have any tips, please email or comment.

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