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A tour through the Galaxy

It's 1980, and everyone wants in on the computer controlled GI. While Williams was making Blackout, Harry Williams was releasing Galaxy at Stern. Two space themes with GI innovations, both had planets on the playfield. While there are a lot of similarities, Galaxy stands out as an interesting machine. Let's take a look at the playfield from top down.

Sometimes the first thing you notice isn't' the big thing, and that's the case on this game. The big thing about this game is that the kickers aren't inside of the inlane. They are about a third of the way up the playfield. The basics here are to hit that very well done galaxy loop for some good points, spell GALAXY with lanes letters, spell GALAXY on the back left saucer, hit the drops to score planet points.

Galaxy Pinball Playfield

So, with that overview, let's look at the machine in some more detail.

You really need to hear this machine to understand it. So, let's take a quick flyby to see some of the key shots and listen to the killer 1980 sounds.

You can see the Harry Williams signature on this one. If you're wondering why Harry Williams was designing for Stern, here's a great link to the story.

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