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Sparky Helmet Wire Mod

I've been neglecting the Metallica machine ever since I replaced all of the rubber rings with silicone from Titan Pinball. So, I picked up a few mods. I bought the interactive backbox light kit from Cointaker and the Sparky Helmet Wire from Mezel Mods. Since Stern released new Metallica code the other day, I figured it was time to pop in the mods. I have been looking at this one for a few years, and every time I wanted to pick one up, Cointaker was out of stock.

I installed the Sparky wire mod during the code update, because it took a long time to verify and install the update. I guess you don't have to verify it, but I am always paranoid that something weird will happen if I don't opt to verify the download.

Here's what it looks like installed.

It's an electroluminescent wire, or an EL wire. It's wired off of a splitter on the z clip neat the left Sparky Spotlight. It went in easily once I figured out that the wires supplied were just really long.

Below, you can see the wire off (left) and on (right.) You can test it in the flasher test as #27 "Electric Chair Flasher (X2.)" That's how I got the photos of the activated wire.

You can also see the killer backbox lights that Cointaker made for the Metallica. I am a huge fan of these, and I'll probably write that up in another post someday.

So, I am pretty happy with this one. I picked the blue because there is a lot of blue at the back of the machine. I made a short video that has it activated at the end.

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