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LED OCD in Apollo 13

My Apollo 13 has always had an LED ghosting issue.

When I picked it up, all of the LEDs were replaced with cool white LEDs. I can see the appeal, but my collection is more about the warmer colors. I like LEDs, because they last longer and are brighter. But, I want to be true to the look and feel of the original game's style.

So, I swapped most of the LEDs out for warm white ones. I kept the cool whites under any insert with a rocket, because that seemed to give the better color for the white rockets. I suppose I could have bought better LEDs, but there are a lot on this machine. When you have a lot of LEDs, you could chance it again and buy another $150 worth of LEDs that claim to not ghost. I didn't feel like dropping the time and money, so I learned about the LED OCD board. They offer a Sega Whitestar version of the board for $129.

I bought one a few weeks back and finally put it in tonight. The instructions were easy to follow.

The total install was less than 15 minutes, including some time looking for my clippers to remove some zip ties so I could get those red J13 wires far enough to mount the board in a decent location. But hey, I am very happy. There is no more ghosting. The board cost was much less than LED replacement and time.

But, I am a Mac user, so I need to borrow a friend's PC laptop to make a few tweaks. I might reduce the brightness on that A13 by the spinner. I need to get the incandescent power back up to 100%. But, those are minor changes. It looks pretty easy, as each lamp has 8 stages from 0 to 100% brightness.

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