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Checking out a Lethal Weapon 3

Everyone loves to hate "Lethal Weapon 3" from Data East in 1992. It's an early DMD game, and it has some fun shots, and it boots up to "Everybody Dance Now" by C&C Music Factory.

It was designed by John Kaminkow, who designed some machines we've featured before on, including; Apollo 13 and Time Machine. Also, he designed Last Action Hero, Space Jam, Space Shuttle, Secret Service and a ton of other games.

Dave picked this one up from Michigan as a project. The playfield is pretty dirty. It probably hasn't had new balls or rubber in many years. But, they all start somewhere. We turned it on, made some shots, and got out some cleaning chemicals for a first pass.

It has areas for 1, 2 and 3. It has a killer ramp that makes the Oktoberfest corkscrew wireform look familiar. I love the Uzi with the lights on and off. So, let's take a look at the gallery. Note that this is a project. It just was unwrapped today. The GI is out, so the photos are really too dark, or too bright (because I used my flash.)

Once the GI gets fixed, maybe I'll get out. But, knowing Dave, this one will get picked up before I get a chance to go back and shoot it again.

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