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Pinball Expo 2018 Gallery

I didn't get as many shots as I wanted this time. I was just more into playing the games and geeking out with all of the new machines. So, here's some random galleries.

"Thunderbirds" is a pinball machine that was at Expo. It looks a lot nicer than it is. I am not a huge elitist, but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone to add to any type of collection. Maybe it was this unit, but the build quality wasn't great. The ball kept jumping from the ramp to the rails.

I loved the Home Brew area, and I loved this "Hot Rod" home brew. It's an old "Mustang EM redone with modern guts. Jeremy Wilson from Toronto made this. He had a great approach. He wanted it to have a "1977 experience," which means no extra added sounds, LCD or not period correct elements. He did add a lane changing from the flipper. The playfield was beautiful, custom airbrushed work. Looking inside the machine, it was immaculate.

The Belle of the Ball was Oktoberfest. This event was the reveal and gameplay. You can hear a lot of opinions on it in podcast land. I like the way it shot. Here's a short video, with really no thought put into the filming.

You enter tents (modes) and collect steins (powers) to enjoy your time at Octoberfest. It has bier, food, and rides. There is an awesome lowering ramp that makes a roller coaster shot available.

But, the free play room needs some love as well.

I also like sessions, and I attended quite a few. I was let down by some sessions, and that was a disappointment. I guess it's a slow news year, but as an attendee, I paid for sessions and expected them to be well prepared, rehearsed, and somewhat polished. This wasn't really the case.

The Jersey Jack session really didn't get into much other than storytelling. It didn't seem planned at all. Scott Danesi and Charlie's Spooky session also didn't say too much, but did confirm that Scott's game 2 (teased as "Haunted House Party".) The Spooky session at least had solid powerpoint. Keith Elwin's session went through his "Archer" build, and "Archer" was in the home brew area, which was awesome. That was a great story. The block of time Stern featured Steve Ritchie's confessional, which was fun, albeit not prepared.

The most interesting session was Deeproot's session, which was a panel discussion. It had a high level of bravado and the only thing shown was a 1 page ad for RAZA that was in the Expo guide. So, there is a lot of fluff, but no substance yet. I am interested in what they are doing. I've always wanted a JPOP machine, CV or TOM. So, I am seeing if RAZA or an updated Magic Girl might fill that spot with a better machine for less money.

So, all in all, I had a great time at Expo. My tournament performance was terrible, so I have to work on sucking less. I got some tips from Steve Bowden as tips in his Deeproot session.

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