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Deadpool is a smartass. So is his pinball machine. I was lucky enough to get the glass off of Marc's new Deadpool Pro machine from Stern Pinball. While Stern takes this game seriously, Deadpool doesn't. He's just swinging in his hammock kicking back.

I am doing this post from the road, so I am going to be a bit sloppy. It's late and I am tired. But, I wanted to post some photos! I'll make a better post from home, when I have access to my larger monitor and editing software.

I see a lot of cool things on this machine. George Gomez did a great job rescuing a project as the lead designer, in addition to his sizable creative responsibilities.

I love the Katana Ramp shot, which reminds me of the Hawkeye's Arrow ramp in Avengers LE. The backbox' method of lighting villains is also evocative of Avengers, which is a game I love that gets a lot of hate. (I love the LE, not the pro.) I like the backwards Colossus shot.

The LCD work is wonderfully executed, using a 90's style side scrolling theme to show the battling of the villains. I can usually get 1 or 2 in a game, but it's still fun. Since you can choose your villain, you can experience them all, even if you are a poor player.

Once Marc put the white silicon Titan rings, it became a bit easier to look at. I love red, but man, this is a lot of red.

I made a short video of the main shots.

Marc took a photo of me taking the video, and I thought it was pretty cool, so, here it is.

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