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Firepower II

Classic Williams' sounds, a killer orbit, a cross playfield ramp, and a 2 ball multiball. This is a great 1983 machine that has everything you would expect for the period. Dave picked this Firepower II up and started fixing it up. It plays excellent.

Firepower II Pinball Backglass Image

As I looked at the machine, the most interesting shot is the 1,000 point shot right up the center, because it's a super tight shot. Shoot straight up the countdown numbers, which have a cool light show sequence, and you will get rewarded with 1,000 points.

Firepower 2 Pinball center shot with Purple LEDs on the countdown

This is the ball's view of the same shot, as well as the 1,000 point payoff.

While that shot is the most interesting, I initially was very interested in the ramp. It took a few games for me to find the ramp shot, but it's rewarding. It's not a fast ramp like I love on Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy. It has a mellow vibe. It doesn't get up there unless you place your shot with a degree of precision that I normally do not possess. Let's take a look at the ramp.

As much as I like the shiny ramp, the most interesting shot for me is the orbit shot.

I like ramps and orbits. I prefer flow machines, but I am not flowy as a player. I get too nervous to get into good flow. So, there are other shots here that I can work with to keep playing.

Guess what... It's an 80's machine, so it's a spelling bee. You have to spell "FIREPOWER" which takes up a big chunk of the playfield. That's the 9 targets with the yellow inserts.

There is also a 2 ball multiball on this one. You have to lock the ball and the release it later.

This machine has a lot of LEDs in it, and I found that it looks super cool inside the cabinet as well.

Game Over!

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