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Next time they ask for playtesters, respond to the ad!

The pinball community is awful at keeping secrets. To be honest, I can't figure out if this is a feature or a bug. I am leaning towards feature, because Pinheads get excited for the machines. We also get excited by learning information, seeing pictures, and hearing rumors. It makes us want to seek out locations, rearrange our collections, and talk a bunch of BS.

Recently, Chicago Gaming Company put out an invitation on Pinside to play test their Monster Bash (MBR) remake. All I am saying is that if Ashley puts one of these out, and you are near Chicagoland; respond to the ad. There are no photos in this post, because there are no photos to use!

Chicago Gaming is known for their recent remakes of "Attack from Mars" (AFMR) and "Medieval Madness" (MMR.) I really love their Attack from Mars remake. The large display and colorized animations are a great update to a classic game. My connection with AFM goes back to when I was part of a study abroad program in Pau, France. The arcade had one of these, and I liked to play the game when I was downtown. It was a short English speaking respite during months of French immersion.

So, maybe I can write something about this later. For now, I'll share their facebook post.

Next time you see this ad. Respond.

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