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Holding pattern... waiting on Deeproot

I sold my Bride of Pinbot a few weeks back, and the money is burning a hole in my pocket.

It didn't sell for as much as I hoped, but the ladies in my family never liked that machine. It was a great example, restored to a high standard by Jjsmooth, who I would recommend for any restoration work.

So, I was looking at my wishlist. Since I didn't get what I had hoped, my options are a bit limited. I really want a "The Big Lebowski" machine.

However, that will probably take a while to sort out with all of the business people, license holders, and lawyers involved.

My friend Marc has most of the NIB machines that I like, except Dialed In and Pirates of the Caribbean, both of which are on location to play near me at Level 257.

So, I start thinking about the Cirqus Voltaire that I've always wanted. I like 1997's CV just a bit better than 1995's Theatre of Magic. I believe TOM is a better machine, but there was a new CV at the Boulder Station casino that I played during my last year at UNLV. That casino had a movie theatre and a decent arcade that we would check out, so I have nostalgia for CV.

I've had CV on my Pinside wish list for a long time, and I noticed a lot of them came up for sale. Here's what I found: (most of these will be broken links soon)

All of these, except the project are well above Stern Pro NIB prices. And every Stern NIB has deeper rules, great art, more reliable construction, and easier maintenance. Furthermore, any standard NIB from Jersey Jack is at the same price point, with more flippers as well.

So, then I start wondering about the NIB prices from Deeproot. Deeproot has very little information on their site, so I can't guess at MSRPs. But, they have JPOP on staff, with an announced redesign of Magic Girl. I am guessing the MSRP on that will be under any of the CVs or TOMs I see on the market today.

But, I still really like a CV, but I'll probably have to sit out for a while. I believe 2019 will have at least 10 new machines that will impact the value of the secondary market. Since more CVs are on the market than usual, I am taking that as a sign that people are anticipating a value drop. So, if anyone sees a reasonable CV that is restorable for $6K, let me know. I bet in 2 years, $6K will be the high end for a nice one.

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