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Can I Play with Madness... NIB

My crazy friend Marc picked up a NIB Stern Iron Maiden Premium pinball machine on Friday from Great American Pinball in a swap for his Ghostbusters Premium machine and I went to check it out. In between getting beat by Marc and his son, I got some photos of it. It's a beautiful machine designed by Keith Elwin (who beat me badly on Monster Bash last Sunday), originally as a custom Archer Pinball home brew.

I am a sucker for flippers. The more the better. Give me more flippers and no action buttons all day long. I don't like action buttons. I prefer full size flippers, but small flippers can also be cool. Yup, I dig ramps to, mostly because they are usually chrome. Bonus, this has more flippers and ramps than any machine needs! Ramps that actually jump. A ramp with a diverter going behind the playfield. I like ball locks, and this one has a sarcophagus ball lock that tilts. Let's look at some flippers, ramps drop targets, and spinners.

So, it has all of the things I like. But, there is also some amazing art. Let's see what Jeremy Packer (Zombie Yeti) has brought to this machine. He did amazing hand drawn work that mixed well with existing assets from the "Legacy of the Beast" video game.

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