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Hardbody (Bally 1987)

You should probably wear some leg warmers when you play this one. Bally's Hardbody is often overlooked. It shouldn't be overlooked, because it has a lot of cool features. It has some innovations, some interesting art, and some unique finishes. It's got 80's style dead on, unlike the exaggerated Outrun throwback styles we see today.

Let's take an overview of some basics of the machine.

So. what's the game all about? Well, you're exercising. That means you go through exercise stations that concentrate on areas of the body. Stations one and two are on the upper playfield, where you work Station One "Arms & Shoulders" and Station Two "Chest & Back" by knocking drop targets down a series of times for increasing point values. Then, you go to the lower playfield, for Station Three "Legs" and Station Four "Abdominals." As you check the photos, notice that the muscles are labeled, which is a neat theme integration element.

So, that's the basics of the game. Let's get to those two flipper buttons. They "flex" the muscles that can bring an outlane ball into the inlane. Let's take a closer look at what it is an dhow it works.

This game is fun to play, but also extra enjoyable because it's a great representation of the period. You see "Miami Vice" extra scenes, someone looking like Arnold, nods to "Physical" and emphasis on the desired physiques of the 80's.

Here are some parting shots that didn't fir the entry, but I still like them.

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