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Marc's Batman 66

A few weeks back, Marc picked up a Batman '66. This is the 30th anniversary machine from Stern pinball. It was awesome looking, when I first saw it as an unplayable demo for people to drool in front of at the Chicago Pinball Expo in 2016. Now, it's one of my favorite games, and I was glad a friend picked a Premium version. You can tell from cabinet side art, which features the comic-style punch words, like "Kapow," "Biff" and "Sock." Ka-Pow on the side is an inside reference, because this was a collaboration between Stern Pinball and Ka-Pow.

We popped it in the back of the FJ, which hat all of the standard pinball moving equipment. Appliance dolly, 24" ladder for leg removal, moving blankets, straps, 5/8" ratcheting wrench, and some 24" carpet squares. Next time, we'll remember to take the balls out. It made for a loud ride.

I wound up with the opportunity to get some photos of it without the glass. It's a beautiful game, so I'll start with the outside, and move to more detailed shots.

Then, we can take a look at the playfield and some of the detail. The art by Christopher Franchi, who is a well known comic artist, with a ton of Batman experience.

Let's tour the playfield, the toys and the artwork.

While these are photos, the game plays amazing as well. You can choose from the minor villains who appear in the three seasons of the Batman 30 minute series. My favorite is Egghead, but I always choose Shane first for the multiball.

This is an amazing pinball machine. It gets better with every release, and it is really using the new technology in some ways that work very well.

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