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Brite Buttons all around

I finally got Brite Buttons on all of the machines. Brite Buttons from Brite Mods are light up buttons for pinball machines.

My first set of Brite Buttons went on my Avengers LE (blue) back in 2013. Those were easy to install, because Stern Pinball has auxiliary power readily available to support the mod community. You just replace the stock red buttons with the clear ones and put the LED ring on as you screw them in. You do have to properly align the slots, or it will feel off. But, all in all, it's a 5-10 minute installation even if you are meticulous about wire placement, which I am not.

Here is how they work.

When I got my Metallica Premium machine, I picked up a set of Orange ones. That left Guns N' Roses and Wizard of Oz without Brite Buttons. When my Bride of Pinbot was getting restored (another one like it is for sale here) by Jerry in Cincinnati, we popped on a set of purple ones. Then, I thought I was done.

You have to find reliable power on the older machines. The LED conversions save a lot of power, so it is generally easy to find enough power. The older Data East machines are a bit dicey. As I was upgrading and cleaning up the Apollo 13 machine, by adding a Color DMD, I noticed that the power tap also had an extra line that would power additional mods. So, I ordered the set from Pinball Life in white that was meant for a "Williams System 9/11" setup. It worked perfectly. Then, I realized I could do the same on the Guns N' Roses machine.

So, if you have an older machine, and you also put in a Color DMD, you can tap right off of it. I bought the Williams system 9 and 11 Brite mods and they worked fine. In fact, I have 2 extra power taps for the System 9 and 11 boards if you want one, just find me and shoot me an email.

While I was working on this, I saw that Brite Mods finally came up with a setup for Jersey Jack machines, so I picked up a set for the Wizard of Oz. That rounded it out. That's Brite Buttons for every machine I have in the collection. I found the lead a bit short, and I wrote Brite Mods about it. They mentioned that Jersey Jack Pinball had a lot of variance in the manufacture of the machines. Mine worked, but I found the wire a bit short to reach the control to adjust the settings.

While I love the Brite Buttons for the LED effect, the buttons they currently use are not smooth like the stock red ones. There is a mold depression that I find irritating on the ones that come in the kit. So, I bought replacement clear buttons for Apollo 13, Metallica, Bride of Pinbot and Wizard of Oz.

Smooth button on Metallica.

Slightly dimpled button on the Bride of Pinbot

The Avengers got a set of smooth translucent blue buttons, which look pretty cool.

This Avengers choice matches another overly time intensive minor upgrade of blue coin slots lights I popped in a few months back.

So, I love Brite Buttons. I think they are a great mod for any machine. I think light up leg protectors, light up information cards, and Pin Stadium lights are a bit much. I have friends who like them, and I get the appeal. I just don't like them.

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