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All Hail Astro Zombie (Logan Arcade)

Astro Zombie hangs up in Logan Arcade, with a bunch of great Ben Cooper masks, arcade games and a great collection of pinball games. Logan Arcade is also special because they have a Alien and a new Iron Maiden machine. So, we went to check it out and get some time on some new machines. I went straight to the Alien, since I tried to play it at Pin Bar in Calgary, and it was already removed for being unreliable. This was before the Heighway Pinball final bankruptcy So, this is a rare machine that will probably move into a collector's home soon.

So, it might be unreliable. It might be rare and expensive to fix. But, it was fun machine. It had some cool mechs. I liked the video footage. The sound integration was great. I like the thin backbox, which makes sense for contemporary designs. But, ultimately, I played about 4 games, and then was ready to move on.

I wouldn't want this one in my home collection. It was missing something, and I wanted to play other games. Ultimately, I played more Pin Bot. Some of the construction looked cheap and poorly crafted. It felt unfinished, half assed, and you could sense that the dream wasn't fully realized.

We were most interested in playing Iron Maiden. This was after the LE artwork was announced but before the premium artwork was released. I got to play a pretty early Pro machine.

It was in a corner, and I only brought my phone to not embarrass the group. As a result, my two photos are not great. This is a fun game. We probably popped the most into this one at about $15.00. Got a few free games. Match was pretty generous.

I love the four flippers. The bullseye is great. The song integration is amazing with the video in some modes like Aces High. I always pick "Can I Play with Madness," "Number of the Beast," or "Run to the Hills." Mostly, this is because I am 43 and those are the ones I remember from when I was young. It's a fast machine. I am not skilled enough to hit the loop when I need to, but I can hit it when there is no pressure.

I had an amazing "Aces High" mode going and that got my initials on the machine. I want to play Iron Maiden again!

But, you have to respect the classics, and I had a great (for me) Pin Bot game as well! We left credits on it, because we kept getting replays.

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