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Apollo 13 Stage 1/2 done

Well, I wanted to clean up the Apollo 13 that I picked up in Michigan a few weeks back. While everything was in working order, I wanted to change some things to fit in with my vision of pinball. I know a lot of people would do things differently, or do nothing except play the machine. But, for whatever reason, I have some opinions.

So, Phase one is done. I didn't like the LEDs in there. Nearly all of the bulbs were cool white LEDs. Some were green or blue accents. Since it's a 1995 machine, I think they should have warm light. In particular, I put incandescent lights in the highly visible spots. I put warm white frosted LEDs in the visible, but hard to reach areas. This is so I don't have to get in there and replace them. So, I believe in technology when it can save time and get the similar effect.

For phase 1, I warmed up the LEDs and changed some bulbs. This first image has the cool white LEDs. I get what they were going for, but I played these machines in the 1990's when they were new, and I like to keep the lights original-is. The playfields, translites and cabinets were all designed with the assumption they would be hit by warm light from incandescent bulbs.

Here is what it looks like today (as of an hour ago.) Now, I have some thoughts, and Titan Pinball and Pinball Life probably agree with me, because I replace a lot of dumb stuff for purely cosmetic reasons. But, hey, it's my collection. As I was going through the bulbs (over 100 in total,) I realized that the cool white ones were better in the inserts that had the rocket images. I have an open mind!

Some of the other things I did were probably a bit over the top. There was some a dent in my lockdown bar, with a paint crack, peeling, and corrosion. I with I got a great before photo. But, I wanted to fix that, so I took off the rails, hinges, legs, and lockdown bar. I took them to Fox Valley Sandblasting to get them blasted and powder coated. I was pleased with the results.

I also don't trust power plugs that are the "added to the end of the wire" variety. There is a chance that they are miswired, or not grounded. I have had bad experiences with electricity in the past, si I make sure that I replace these. The new one is wired in and functioning.

Here are some in process photos of getting it this way.

I still have some parts to order before I am finished. I replaced some plastics, and I want to replace some missing hex spacers that make it look nice. I also learned that my machine had a misguided mod of the "I'll put this toy from the toy store on the machine, it'll be awesome." That's gone.

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