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Saw some great machines tonight

If you're going to own pinball machines, they are going to break. They are going to break in ways that you can't fix. They are going to break in ways that some people who fix them cannot fix. They may even break in ways that the people who fix games for people who fix games cannot fix. So, that's how I met Rick from Rick's Game Repair. He came all the way out to my home to fix my Guns N' Roses pinball machine.

A few times a year, he invites people over to check out his collection. It's amazing. Just about everything is museum quality. If it's not museum quality, it's because it might be a prototype machine. So, he had the glass off of his Theatre of Magic prototype and his Xenon. I got some great photos of both. Here are the ones from the Bally Theatre of Magic.

This was a great machine, and a blast to play. He also has a Bally Xenon that is in incredible shape for a game that dates to 1980.

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