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Talked my way onto a podcast

My favorite podcast (and that includes some that I really enjoy) is Kaneda's Pinball Podcast, hosted by Chris Kooluris. It's the 2017 TWIPY Award Winner for best Pinball Podcast. If you are into pinball, and you don't love it, then you probably love to hate it. I was lucky enough to get invited to chat marketing with Kaneda himself.

I've listened to over 200 episodes in airports, on planes, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, and while assembling IKEA furniture. He puts in his work, because he is a full time marketing professional, so extra props for a labor of love multiple times per week. Not only does he run the podcast, he also puts in extra time to get quality interviews of artists, designers, owners, collectors, and fans.

He has a take on the industry that is always refreshed with the current industry information, gossip, and events. If you want an unwavering stance on topics, this isn't the show for you. He updates his views when new information informs his perspective.

He stays away from the tournament world. Pinball is fun to play. Pinball is fun to talk about. But talking about people playing pinball is not interesting. If you like that, there are several other podcasts out there for you.

I emailed him a few times about themes and whatnot. After a few emails, he invited me to talk marketing on his podcast, and here it is. It's "Episode 229: Pinball Marketing Chat" for the whole episode. and just this part if you want to hear me and Kaneda talk about Pinball Marketing.

We ran through some marketing advice for all of the active manufacturers, and it was great fun for me. It was very strange to have a conversation with someone you listened to for a long time. It sort of felt like talking to the TV at first, but I had a great time.

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