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Easy as ABC... That's some bullshit.

Saturday night, Dave made the mistake of inviting me to his house (AKA "The Tomorrow Bar and Basement") to play some Last Action Hero, Black Knight 2000 and Time Machine. Each one is a great game, and I got a lot of photos of Time Machine for later. But, I wound up being most intrigued by the Motordome (1988 Bally) machine in the garage.

Dave just picked it up, and it is in need of some help. Man, I am jealous that Dave finds these things so quickly. He runs a home for wayward pinball machines. He will be spending some quality time with the multimeter as he tracks down some electric issues. Right now, it won't register credits or enable it to be set to free play. Set it to free play, you say. According to Bally, changing things is easy as "ABC." By that, they mean you have to scour the internet for one of these...


Because without it, you can change exactly zero of the settings. Wait, that neglected machine doesn't have one in there. Well, you can pick one up here.

Then, it's pretty much like anything else. A is "Advance," B is "Back," and C is "Change." We walked the menu a bunch of times to set it to free play, but something else must be wrong. As with all things pinball, it will probably take a long time to find. Here is what it looks like when messing around with the keypad. That pre-DMD display is mesmerizing.

It'll get working in due time. But, since the lights were working, I could still get in there and grab some photos. Here are my favorites of Motordome.

When it works, it should play something like this PAPA video.

Thanks again for Dave letting me into his garage to see this one!

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