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Tales of the Arabian Nights (TOTAN)

Tales of the Arabian Nights is a beautiful game. When I bought my Apollo 13 from Lloyd in Michigan, he was working on restoring a TOTAN. He already has a beautifully restored Addams Family and Theatre of Magic.

Since the glass was off, he let me get some photos. It's a 1996 machine designed by the visionary, if not controversial, John Popadiuk. It's from the heyday of pinball. This is the follow-up from his "Theatre of Magic" game from 1995. TOTAN has it all. John is an amazing designer and he has always got the art part right of his designs. Take a look

It's one of the games that solidified the checklist for most pinballs afterwards:

  • Ramps (clear for a floating effect)

  • Wire forms (integrated to the ramps)

  • Skill Shot Launch

  • Turntable (lamp)

  • Rollover

  • Scoop

  • Magnet

  • Bash Toy (genie)

  • Newton Ball

  • Subway

  • Fun ruleset

  • Great art

While I didn't get to play this one, as it was still under construction, it is still amazing to look at. You can see a lot of modern machines trace back to this design. The Tesseract in my Avengers LE machine is the same as the lamp in TOTAN. Personally, I see a lot of TOTAN in the Houdini machine, with the ramps, wide color palette and visual intensity. Thanks to Lloyd for letting me take some photos of this one.

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