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Apollo 13 first cleanup

Last night, I had to clean up the machine a bit. I vacuumed a lot of cobwebs, found a lot of burnt out lightbulbs, located some missing screws, and disconnected the start button.

I started by looking for a shaker motor problem. It might not be a problem. It's just very aggressive if it goes on for more than a brief second. So, pop the field into service position and have at it. It's dirty, so get out the vacuum. Get that leaf, those bulbs and screws out of there. Remove the cobwebs and it looks nice.

I bumped the start button and I ran into an amateur fix that I'll have to solder up right in the coming weeks. There are a few weird electric issues on this one. Some of the normal wire was replaced with heavy gauge cords. It must have been done on a route to stop power problems. But, this one is home now, so it can get back to normal.

I have some parts arriving later, so I can get to some real cleaning on the top of the playfield. I will replace the rubber, most posts, and probably (now) the pop bumper skirts. Is it necessary? No. But, it's my way of learning the machine and funding the USPS, one Pinball Life order at a time.

The left kicker was kicking a lot when it wasn't being activated. I'll see if I can adjust the switch (the easy fix) or have to trace an electrical fault (the hard fix) next week. It was intermittent, and that's the shaker side, so I think it can be adjusted.

But, on a good day, you can get the 13 ball multiball, a video mode, and 2 ball rocket multiball in the same game for just shy of a billion points.

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