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"Houston, we have a problem."

Let's not jinx this, but if All goes well Saturday I am picking up an Apollo 13 game. It's not regarded as the best Sega title, which doesn't put it high in the rankings for top of anything. But, I love the theme. I like the colors. I am a connoisseur of crazy, so bule wireforms, a 13 ball multiball and a rotating magnetic moon are great in my book. I'll wait to get original photos, so I apologize for this not being a highly visual post. I don't have the damn machine yet, so cut me some slack.

Here is a Clark Mills demonstration video from YouTube.

Why now?

The reason I have my Machine: Bride of Pinbot game is because I wanted to buy an Apollo 13 that was fresh of of a beautiful restoration. It was way more than I wanted to spend on an Apollo 13, so I passed. The restorer, Jerry in Cincinnati and I kept in contact and we contracted a restore of this reimported German BOP with a brand new playfield in August 2017. It is an amazing game. It's also for sale, because I need some room.

So, I've been looking for at least four years. I can't find anything but rusty or broken games in the $3K to $4K range, or museum pieces at $6K. So, I keep waiting. I popped an ad up on Facebook, and I got two bites. One farther away in Maine. Another one closer in Michigan. So, I am heading to Michigan to check it out. It looks like it has some odd GI wiring, but the owner says it is playable, and my smart local tech says he can restore it pretty easily.

What next?

So, I'll probably need a light shop on it. I already bought a manual off of eBay to start looking, although I found a PDF online. Next, I went to Titan Pinball, because I love their silicon rings. They didn't have a user generated kit, which is a bad sign. So I popped one up. I was pretty excited, that I popped an alternate white one up as well. I'll pop 13 super shiny pinballs in it, and wax the playfield.

Once I confirm that the electric is fine, and restorable, I'll probably have to pop a Color DMD in it. Possibly some HD Glass. Not a Pin Stadium set for sure!

Then, it's the little things. Leg guards. some bulb replacements, and whatever falls into the cart from the Cointaker booth at Expo.

Wish me luck!

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