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Hail to the 24" Carpet Square

There are a lot of things that pinball collectors need that aren't limited to lightbulbs, cheese cloths, nuts and screws. We can get most things at our favorite online shops like Bay Area Amusements, Cointaker, Marco Specialties, Pinball Life, Titan Pinball, and the other places you normally see.

But, there are a ton of other necessities that are available at less special stores. Let's take a look at one of these unsung items that is in every pinball collector's garage, basement, back of the truck, or wherever.

The subject of our admiration today comes from Menards. They are 24" carpet tiles, or sometimes called "carpet squares." If you catch them at the right time, you can even get an 11% rebate. Check them out. They are glorious.

Why do we need these things? Well, they are good for a lot of things:

  • They are great for putting on the glass when you fold the head down for moving the machine.

  • They are great for putting on the machine next to you if you are working on the machine.

  • They are great for putting on a cart if you are moving the machine.

  • If you cut some notches out, they are a great way to avoid scratches on th back of the cabinet as you put it on the dolly.

  • They are good for putting around the machine if you are moving it to keep the legs from banging into the cabinet.

  • They are a super cheap alternative to a Pinmat if you aren't too concerned about style.

So, the 24" carpet square from Menards is a quality item that pinball collectors have. If you don't have some, you might be using moving pads to achieve the same results. But, these rubber backed beauties are stackable, available in a variety of stylish colors, and a cool perk to throw in when shipping a machine you just sold.

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