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Tournament time

Everyone hates reading about pinball tournaments! But, this one had fire, karmic twists, five dollar appetizers and a first ever ranking for a new player! The Level 257 Monthly Super League is the first Tuesday of the month at Level 257 in Schaumburg IL. For the $5.00 entry fee, you'll be competing with between 20 and 30 people.

You will probably see at least two players with top 20 rankings. Here's the results from yesterday's tournament If you pay attention, you might learn some skills. For example, you might see Roger Sharpe cleaning up the streets of Gotham City on Batman 66.

I wound up with a 15th position finish, after a good ball on Star Wars in each of my two games. That was my gift from karma. Oddly enough, I got a strike on Wizard of Oz, which was karma taking away that Star Wars ball.

Wait, you were promised fire. Well, why is this Houdini machine unplugged. Well, it was smoking in the back, so something wasn't happy. I didn't get there in time to get a video of the smoking, but it was at the back of the playfield, past the pop bumpers.

So, that was exciting. Don't freak out, as this is the first prototype on death trial at Level 257. Level 257 routinely gets demo and test games, because they will get the shit beat out of them, especially on half price Mondays. And, especially by guys named Dave.

But the most exciting was getting a new player involved in tournament play. Shout out to Marc, who had his first tournament. He has a world ranking of 31,266th! It's not accurate, because he is a much better player than I am. He had the same karma problems I had. He has Star Wars at home, and the tournament game was super sensitive and was handing out Danger and Tilts all night.

Wait, what's up with all of the camera getup. Yeah, Dead Flip was streaming the new Guardians of the Galaxy code at the tournament.

With my job, I am out about half of the tournaments, so I made April, but I won't make May or June this year. Tournaments are fun. Appetizers are good. I suggest the BBQ Chicken Flat Bread Pizza with a well bourbon and Coke for $7.00 before 7:00.