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Pin Bar in Calgary

I was in Calgary, Alberta for some work, and I was lucky enough to drag some colleagues to a pinball bar. Pin Bar YYC in Calgary is fairly new. Arlen Smith is the owner, and he runs a cool place. According to the CBC, he'll kick you out if you are a jerk. We must have passed the test.

They have an amazing lineup, which I inventory at the end of the post. The thing that I love about this place is that it embodies the state of the hobby. There are a lot of machines from new manufacturers that are trying new things. I came for that. But, the better thing was that the place was packed. There was an after work crowd, a brief lull, then a Friday night crowd. They had great drinks and a good menu. A lot of pinball places forget food, which makes people have to leave.

Initially, I wanted to go, because I read that they had an Alien and a Total Nuclear Annihilation machine. I've never played Alien, and this was like .9 miles from my hotel. When I got there, they no longer had the Alien. I found the owner, Arlen, walking around and I had a short chat with him.

I asked which game was doing the best in terms of earnings, it was AC/DC. I was surprised, but then we hopped on it, and yeah It's fun. I got a free game by score, which was fun. Here's my colleague Yves playing it. Yves isn't afraid of nudging it a bit.

I asked about Total Nuclear Annihilation, and he said it was a

"players game" that was too fast for some of the casual gamers. I really like his TNA machine! I would like to pick one up. I might consider selling my Bride of Pinbot to get one of these in my basement. I played this one a lot, and even got a decent (for me) score of 909,041. I love the displays on this one. This game has all of the things you could want, except a ramp. It shakes pretty seriously with that awesome subwoofer. This is the "one more gamiest" machine I have ever played. It increases my heart rate.

Here's a gallery of games, players, and the place.

Pin Bar's lineup includes; Aerosmith, Attack From Mars (Remake LE,) Avengers (LE Hulk,) Batman 66, Dialed In, Elvis, Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy, Houdini, KISS, Pabst Can Crusher, Rob Zombie's Spookshow International, Star Wars and The Walking Dead. It no longer has the Alien, because it was not reliable enough for a route as several mechs were broken. It was replaced yesterday with a Wizard of Oz, which is very reliable.

If you are in town, check it out.

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