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"One Terrible Video" or "why all glass should be HD glass"

Roger J called this "one terrible video."

You know, I really can't blame him. He's right. First of all, the cameraman is out of shape. Second of all, the player sucks at this game. Third, the interior lights are reflecting off of everything. There was also a crazy amount of background noise. Finally, there is a ton of reflection off of the backglass that is making it tough to see the game or gameplay at all.

This is a location machine at Level 257 in Schaumburg, Illinois. It's a great machine. I love the Houdini game on a location but I wouldn't want one in my home. It's good for a few games at a time for me.

So, Roger J is right. This is one terrible video. I have many more posted. I usually tag them as unlisted, to spare people looking at them.

But, there is a larger question here. Why can't all glass be anti-reflective?

I have a Wizard of Oz with Invisiglass. My friend has Stern's HD glass on several machines, and those are great. There is another supplier, Pinball Decal Incorporated's PDI Glass.

Why is this an option at this point in time. Like LCD displays, the new machines should come with it standard. The newer machines are full of LEDs, making them a lot brighter than the machines of 5-10 years back. The regular glass picks up reflections from lights in homes, as well as from other machines on locations. It's sometimes hard to see the playfield from any angle that isn't the player's angle.

So, Sorry Roger that the video is terrible. I can work on my playing ability. I can get a higher camera mount. I can't do much about the reflections or noise. But, we can all start complaining until anti-reflective glass is standard.

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