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Jurassic Park backbox light

It feels 65 million years in the making, but the DIY Adruino powered Jurassic Park Pinball backbox light panel replacement is finally in the game. Marc's Jurassic Park pinball machine didn't have a light panel in the backbox, so we decided to make one.

I really like the effect we got for the scope of the project. Here's a final video.

Before it got to this state, it took a while. We had to measure it a lot. Here are some measurements.

Here is the original panel getting tested with the code. This is the full loop of effects.

But did I learn anything? Sure, I learned that I should probably use plywood and paint it. The advantage of the dry erase board being white was offset by it flaking too much during cutting and drilling. Plywood would be better, if painted. I learned that the string lights that I used saved me about 3 hours of soldering. So, that was a time saving win. I learned to drill in plastic with a dull bit at a slow speed.

Now, it's back to some underlights for my Avengers LE machine.

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