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So, I had an extra color DMD

So, with the swap of a LED-style Color DMD in my Guns N' Roses Pinball machine, that left me with an extra LCD-style Color DMD. That brings me to the love/hate relationship I have with the Avengers LE machine I have.

Sometimes, I get caught up in all the Avengers Pinball hate out there, and want to trade it for an Apollo 13, part of a Circus Voltaire, or half of a Pirates of the Caribbean (JJP.) But, with an extra color DMD laying around, I decided to put some more time into the Avengers LE (Number 214 of 250.)

So, it's easier on a Stern than on an older Data East. This is one of the last Sterns with a wooden speaker panel. It has 8 screws holding it on, and it's grounded in two places. Check out that elegantly empty Stern backbox.

You'll note the bottom of the Cointaker Interactive LED Backbox kit that replaces the flourescent light that was stock. These modern machines need more than the flourescent light, and I get angry that those get costed out of the bill of materials.

Remove 8 screws, untape the speaker wires, disconnect two wires, and it's pretty much ready. I screwed in the new one, with the four screws, undid two because I forgot to attach the ground wires. Then it's a software upload of the image files. And, it's done.

Avengers with ColorDMD LCD style

When the display was in my Guns N' Roses machine, I had it set to display in DOTS XL mode, emulating larger round pixel dots reminiscent of the original single color 90's style orange DMDs. I played with some settings, and settled on the Scan setting, which has some scanline artifacts.

Initially, I was worried that putting a color DMD on and the Backbox lighting kit was going to be overkill. I was right, it is. But, I have come to terms with it.

If you thought that was overkill. I also invested 45 minutes of my life struggling to replace something dumb for no real reason. I replaced the factory supplied yellow coin slot inserts with a pair of these blue ones from Pinball Life.

Blue coin slots on Avengers LE pinball

If you've ever repaired or messed with a pinball machine, you'll know that dumb things pop up. In this case, two of the screw holding in the coin door were overtightened at the factory. So, I could not get in with my nut driver. I couldn't get at it with a socket either, because there was not enough clearance. Needle nose pliers didn't work either, and I didn't want to scratch anything.

So, I had to make sure the tough screw was last, and sort of twist the coin slot from the front bezel. Once I got a quarter of a turn, I moved it enough so I could access it with a socket. While I was at it, I replaced the bulbs with LEDs. Does it look cooler? Yes. Will anyone notice? Probably not.

But, I work in Product Marketing Management for my career, and it adds to the machine's soul in a subtle way. It matches where a mismatch would not be noticed by most people. But, I like it better this way, because when the eye of a connoisseur notices, that makes my day.