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The Operating Room

I was passing through Des Moines, and I looked up some pinball places. I stumbled on "The Operating Room" in West Des Moines. They had a nice facility with some good pinball machines. It's a pay per play barcade.

The games were in great shape, and the collection had all of the latest games. They had all of the new Sterns (Batman 66, Star Wars, Aerosmith and Guardians of the Galaxy. They had Medieval Madness and Attack From Mars, Dialed In (with a sketchy lockdown bar,) Iron Man, Wizard of Oz, Walking Dead, Star Wars Ep 1, Star Trek, Spiderman and some others.

Guardians of the Galaxy always goes STDM from the Mystery area on me, which really pisses me off. I got free games from scores on Aerosmith (1,) Walking Dead (2,) Guardians of the Galaxy (1,) and Batman 66 (2.)