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Took a Shellacking at Level 257

I signed up for the monthly pinball tournament at Bandai Namco's Level 257 in Schaumburg, IL. This was my third pinball tournament, after the Guardians of the Galaxy launch party event at Chicago Street Pinball and Chicago Pinball Expo Flip Out Tournament last year.

I am still learning about the formats, and the group knockout format was new to me. I got knocked out fast, in the 20th place spot. I got knocked out by Roger Sharpe, the savior of pinball, pictured below. He's an awesome dude, and the only person I've ever met that was the subject of a Drunk History episode.

He schooled me with over 100 million to my measly 19 million. I had one good ball (ball 2) with a multiball going. Of course, it was on Guardians of the Galaxy, and I was drafted to play position 1.

Here's a practice video, and I really need to get a taller camera mount to cut the glare down. It's a fun game, but I keep falling for the shoot it at Groot's mouth trap.

As a nudge-averse player, I get a straight down the middle at least twice in the normal three ball game. the Orb lock is fun because it has a snarky magnet. I also like the heart palpitation from the Rocket kickback. That was strike one, and I only had one remaining.

For strike two, I was put in position 2 on Batman 66 Premium, which has that orange/pink on transparent plastic color that I love. I like the game, and Lyman Sheats, Jr (LFS) the game's coder was at the tournament. I didn't ask anything, because he looked like he was having a good time.

So, Vince Giannini beat me on this one. I came in position three or four, which earned me my second strike. I still love Batman 66.

Now that I was out, I could still play around the people, as long as I stayed a few games away. So, I dropped some credits on Pirates of the Carribean, some more on Guardians of the Galaxy, and some Game of Thrones. I took a selfie score on this, because it was less than 10% of the LFS score posted.

I won't be able to make the March tournament, but if I am around for the first Tuesday of the month, this is a good place to stop.