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Undeserved Avengers Hate

Everyone seems to complain about Avengers. Sure, the playfield is a bit bare on Avengers Pro, but the Avengers LE's Hawkeye Arrow Ramp makes it a totally different game. Both are a bit dark, but the LEDs in the LE version help a bit. While I am not a huge PinStadium fan, Avengers is the only game I have that would benefit from the extra light.

So, let's take a look at the game. I popped the Nikon KeyMission 360HD on it and took it for a spin. Spoiler, I made it only to Attack on the Helicarrier, and choked there. So, no Battle for Earth here.

I was also messing around taking some photos of it the other day, after I replaced the rubbers (with some help from Rich Huff at Midwest Pinball, who does solid repair work.)

Any time I have the glass off, I take some photos. I was probably too close this time, but it was still fun.

So, there are 500 of these things floating around, with 250 green Hulk ones and 250 blue ones. The lifting bridge is cool. The Hawkeye arrow ramp is cool. George Gomez/ signature is cool.

The Tesseract was lame. It was "free in a cereal box" lame, so it has the cool Tesseract mod on it. It also has an interactive backbox mod from Cointaker, because those flourescent tubes are a big step back for pinball. I understand that the dark days required cutting corners. Those days are over put some lights in the backboxes. It's not nearly as expensive today, with modern LED technology.

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