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Jurassic Park

Marc's Jurassic Park machine is coming along nicely. Today, we set out to correct the T-R-E-X lights on the apron. The lights never worked when he picked up the machine. After some testing, and some orders from Pinball Life, he had some replacement sockets and bulbs. The new style sockets were a lot shorter, so he picked up some spacers to mount them better.

While the glass was off, I got in for some photos. Here's what I got.

The T-Rex eats the ball once you hit it with the third flipper. I love Data East 3 flipper games, as you know from my GNR machine. In this one, the third flipper can put the ball in front of the T-Rex, so she can chow down.

This one is upgraded, like all of Marc's machines... In the slide show above, you'll see the scoop mods to replace the stock green and yellow bulbs. But, this one is upgrade all over. You can see the topper, a pinsound board, some scoop mods, and a color DMD.

But, the playfield also has art that shows the characters well. The three large items in the back are great. The gate is an awesome mod, the mosquito in amber, and of course the Tyrannosaurus Rex that moves and eats the ball.

The red bulbs next that spell T-R-E-X were the reason for today's visit. We have them sort of working. One of them is faint, so I have a bad solder joint somewhere to track down. But, I was an idiot and forgot my voltage meter and soldering helping hand. But, they are mostly working, and the game is playable. The fourth bulb is the problem, and since that's the one that activates the multiball, it is rarely illuminated.

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