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Stern Factory Tour

One of my friends introduced me to one of his friends, and I got an awesome Stern Pinball factory tour from Zach Sharpe!

I like to snap some pinball photos. In this case, I was excited and left my camera in the car. I got some iPhone shots. This is an amazing operation, making 50 or more games a day, each taking 30+ hours to assemble, shipping all over the world. Stern Pinball, and Gary Stern specifically, kept the hobby alive during some dark times. The machines they are building today have raised the bar on pinball.

So, a bit about the photos. It was a tour, conducted by Zach Sharpe. Not only is he rocking the Marketing Department for Stern Pinball, he's the top ranked player in the world. So, this was a great tour. You can't photograph a lot of things, but I could take some basic stuff that would be in any factory.

I like the new displays on the current crop of Stern Machines. Batman 66 is my favorite of the bunch. Luckily, I got my photo in front of a ton of new Batman 66 playfields. They were making Guardians of the Galaxy Limited Edition and Star Wars Premium machines. The Cafeteria has a code lock on it, because it ain't the cafeteria. They must be working on the cool stuff in there. I won't see the inside, but I am confident there are tons of cool things in there.

At the end of a tour, you can play some games. I had a good game 145,000,000ish on GoT (at least good for me.) The last shot is Cathy, Brad and Marc from left to right.

Thanks Zach for the tour!

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