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New Silicone on GNR

Now that my basement remodel is finished, I finally got around to replacing the worn out rubber rings on my Guns N' Roses Pinball machine. They were four years old, and dirty. I prefer the look of the white ones, but they show dirt. This is the final machine of mine that I have had the rubber rings replaced with silicone rings from Titan Pinball. I assembled and submitted a ring kit for the Guns N' Roses pinball machine. If you have a GNR Pinball, and you like white rings, consider this kit. Every time someone buys it, I get like $1.00 in store credit. My kit deviates a bit from the manual. It has more than you need, but those few additional rings are worth the postage savings from ordering a second time.

  • I don't use the 3/16" rings in all recommended places.

  • So, you'll find 2 extra 1" rings. (or 4 extra 3/16" rings.)

  • I find the kicker rings recommended by Data East are a bit too loose.

  • So, I also included a set that are 1/2" shorter to keep it snappier. Originals also included for the purist.

Here is a gallery. I captioned all of the photos (as usual)

I have owned this machine since 1998. This is an early production machine, and you can tell from the mislabelled inserts that say "Lite Rock" and "Lite Roll," which are unimplemented features. Also, the Multi-ball, Add Band Member, and Coma holes are labelled differently.

While the machine was already half apart, I took the time to install a "Cliffy" protector on the Guitar feature area. It really didn't need it. But, I took off two ramps and cleaned it up, so I popped it in anyway. It won't hurt.

I am hoarding parts for a restore someday. I have spare plastics. I am waiting on some reproduction ramps. I am on the list for a CPR playfield. This will have the correct inserts, so I am struggling with it. I think the layout I have is better in some ways, but not as good in others.

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