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Star Wars Premium Pinball (2017)

My friend Marc must have been good all year, because he scored a Star Wars Premium pinball machine for Christmas. He had the glass off and let me take some pictures These are the best of the bunch.

It's a great playing game from Stern, designed by Steve Ritchie, who is world renowned for designing great flow machines. This is a fast machine.

You start by choosing a character, each with a different specialty. R2 is good with bonuses, Leia (my favorite) is good with multipliers, Han is good at escaping (whatever that means,) and Luke is strong with the force. Then, you have to choose a bonus or mission to start.

After that, it's mostly dodging fast things that Steve Ritchie throws at you. This is a cool machine, and I was glad to play it.

Initially, I was skeptical of Stern's first foray into the larger LCD. Aerosmith was better than Batman 66. But, Batman 66 gets better with each release. Star Wars has a good mix of fun videos, good information, and the asteroid belt video mode. It's frustrating (in a good way) to figure out the right balance of hitting the button on the lockdown bar and minding the flippers when shooting tie fighters.

I think this is a solid game with excellent code. It's fun to play, which is the measure of a great machine.


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