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Jersey Jack Pirates of the Caribbean 360 video

This 360 video was shot at Chicago Pinaball Expo, which is a great pinball show in Chicago (actually Wheeling.) The 2017 show saw what I thought was the best launch event in the pinball industry. Two Years in a row, Jersey Jack brough working new machines for people to play. Jack's got nothing to hide, and plenty to learn from player feedback before the full production line gets moving.

This video is a pre-production with partially complete code. But you can see all of the awesome on this game. You select from movie characters, have the compass that points to the best shot at the moment, the rocking boat, the under the flipper bayou, treasure chest, and my favorite the spinning map disc.

I like all pinball machines, but you have to hand it to the companies willing to let the prototypes get shot in public. I hope these get on some routes soon. After Expo last year, Level 257 in Schaumburg had a Dialed In for a few months. It got the hell beaten out of it, but that resulted in some changes and improvements for the production version.

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