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Jack Bot at Chicago Street Pinball (Joliet, IL)

Last night, I went to Chicago Street Pinball and got a few games in on Jack-Bot. His Jack-Bot is very well lit with a bold set of LEDs. It's bright and easy to see the shots, without being obnoxious. Chicago Street Pinball Arcade in Joliet has some great games. I have an annual pass, because it's a cool place. They pull off the glass for me from time to time, so I can take some photos.

I am not sure how to write Jack-Bot correctly. I've seen it as Jack Bot, Jackbot, Jack-Bot, Jack*Bot and some other variations.

If you know me, you would guess that I hate the concept of this machine. If you don't, I hate "games about games" in general. In particular, I hate games about cards. But, I reserve a special dislike for games about pool. But, I am a complex guy. I like Jack-Bot (general casino gambling) and Breakshot (pool.)

If you are in Joliet, you can play the Pin-Bot trilogy all next to each other. You can always find a Bride of Pinbot (BOP.) In fact, there's an amazing one in my garage at the moment. Sometimes, you can find a Pin-Bot. Finding a Jack-Bot is rare. Finding all three together is even more rare.