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The Big Lebowski Pinball

Got to shoot a prototype of "The Big Lebowski" pinball machine at Chicago Pinball Expo 2017. It's a great machine, and the update from Dutch Pinball said that some units would be shipping to clients in December January.

Cointaker mentioned another March/April shipment as well. (Hopefully, there is one for me on that March/April boat.) Canadian customers want to talk to Nitro Amusements to get on the list.

Pinside gives no love to Dutch Pinball. Sure, this is a late delivery, and we all get that. It's also an awesome machine. The announcement at Pinball Expo 2017 indicated that some newer clients will jump to the front of the line to help finance the production.

The "Early Achievers" might have "New Achievers" receive their games first, but Dutch Pinball indicated something special for the Early Achievers in their session, but did not get specific.

I recorded a 360 video of this one. I probably had the camera ponted a tad high. The machine could use some low reflection glass.

The price point might be tough, with some new competition at or under that price point from Jersey Jack and American Pinball. But, this is a dream theme for millions of Achievers out there.

This one is a lot of fun to shoot. I love the oranges and the mellow vibe of the colors. The callouts and scenes are fun. The bowling alley and rug modes are fun. Hitting Nihilists is exhausting, as you would expect.

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